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Spotted Gum Brushed - Engineered Flooring

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Spotted Gum Brushed - Engineered Flooring

Spotted Gum Brushed

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Item Details


Spotted Gum Herringbone – Brushed Matte

Warranty & Guides
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Technical Specifications


Spotted Gum Herringbone – Brushed Matte

Warranty & Guides

Residential Warranty
20 Years Limited Residential Coating Warranty
Commercial Warranty
5 Years Limited Commercial Warranty

General Questions

Whats the best floor for my place?

It's the one that your happiest with, so browse our showroom and find the one for you.

Related Questions

Can you steam mop engineered wood floors?

It is better to avoid steam mops on engineered floors. Because the bonds between the layers include adhesives and steam can affect their qualiyty. Moisture can peneterate between layers and weaken the bonds and cause damage to the floor.

Should I choose engineered over hardwoord?

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed to reduce the moisture problems associated with conventional hardwood. Its layers block moisture and provide added stability to your floor. Engineered flooring will not swell or warp, making it very low maintenance.

Is thicker engineered wood better?

In general, the thicker an engineered wood flooring is, the better, not just for general wear and tear, but also for future re-sanding and refinishing projects should you wish to change up the look. This is because it’ll have more layers that can withstand this.

How long does engineered timber last?

On average, engineered flooring can expect to last around 20 to 30 years when cared for properly. When well looked after, timber flooring can expect to last around 10-12 years before it needs to be re-sanded.

What are the advantages of Engineered Flooring?

1. Easy to Clean 2. Aesthetic Appeal 3. Highly Durable 4. Variety of Options 5. It can be refinished 6. It doesn’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood 7. Increased Property Value

Are parquet floots in style now?

They were very popular in the 70's and 80's, parquet floors have seen a recent resurgence as more people are starting to introduce these elegant and sophisticated styles in new-build homes or while renovating old properties.

Does herringbone take longer to install?

Installing herringbone flooring is generally more expensive than installing traditional wood flooring. This is because it is a labour-intensive process that requires an expert fitter. The cost will also depend on the material chosen for your floor.

What is the difference between Chevron and Herringbone?

With herringbone, the pieces are cut in perfect rectangles and then staggered a bit so that the end of one plank meets the side of another – broken zigzag design. Whereas, chevron parquetry pattern has continuous clean zigzag designs

What is special about the herringbone pattern?

Aside from being a beautiful flooring texture, herringbone has the ability to create depth within spaces. The pattern attracts the eye in different directions, drawing them into rooms, towards artworks, and creating a visual point of interest on the floor.

Why Engineered Timber Flooring?

An engineered floor is a floor board made of multiple pieces of timber. Up to 12 cut layers of hardwood timber which are placed press adhesive fixed in different directions. It creates a stronger and more stable wood floor. When compared to solid timber floorboards, it is tough to detect the difference. However, the superior engineered wide board flooring eliminates “cupping” and warping, problems that can occur in solid timber flooring, especially in wider widths. Engineered timber flooring technology has developed significantly over the past 25 years and has dramatically improved the quality of flooring products in that time.

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