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Parquetry & Interior Ideas

Design & Idea
Posted on
March 25, 2022
by Admin

Parquetry was initially started in Versailles homes in the late 1600’s and it has been a staple of grand interior design ever since.

Parquetry has been a popular flooring during the past century and continues to carry a trendy status in modern interior ideas; when combined with minimal design ideas, its old fashion presentation creates a striking contrast and impassions historic sophistication which, not only it carries its sense of heritage, but also by mixing various textures and finishes in the original classic patterns, parquetry truly brings the outside in.

Parquetry is a great way of making a real interior and design statement for your home, yet not so out of the ordinary. Parquetry which has range of various patterns and finishes; is a smart investment. However; with the right maintenance routine it will stand up to daily foot traffic for years to come.

Another benefit to using parquetry as your flooring is that they are sold in various shapes and patterns which gives enough options to create your own variation such as Chevron, Herringbone or classic parquetry. This fact means the craftsmanship and installation team can easily follow the desired pattern by client; however parquetry installation is not that easy process.

Here at MRFLOOR, we aim to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services in the market, whether they choose product supply only or supply & install fully serviced.

Parquetry & Classic Interiors

Since parquetry has been initially popular in European countries and still is, the traditional look and finish of parquet floorings such as herringbone has been traditionally styled in various spaces by featuring the patterns.

Our warm Espresso finish paired with our solid, tumbled parquet board’s results in the ideal style flooring for such a space. The finish and distressed edges bring a convincing, almost regal, aged look into neutral spaces.

To complement your wooden furniture or features whilst evoking a sense of warmth and homeliness in rooms, we suggest a light to medium toned finish, such as our Milky Coffee or Roasted Honey, on our engineered parquet blocks.

In keeping with the traditional theme of your interior we suggest a herringbone laying pattern. This pattern has a sense of class attached to its uniformity and creates an instant talking-point. Should you wish to try something a unique, a double herringbone or brick-laying pattern may be just for you. These interesting laying patterns mix in a modern twist with this traditional style of flooring.

Parquetry & Modern Interiors

Jumping on the trend for mixing period styles and embracing the quirky, parquet flooring can make an exciting addition to modern rooms.

Pair a light and minimal interior theme with traditional matt clear oiled or invisible oiled parquet in a classic herringbone or on-trend chevron pattern. The style can bring a rustic twist to modern rooms whilst also creating feeling of warmth.

Choose parquet flooring with a white or limed wash finish such as the finish on our Dove Grey Herringbone to capture light and create the popular nature-inspired Scandinavian decor style. This mix of modern colour and traditional floor is very on trend at the moment. Laying the parquet in a brick pattern will update this look even further.

Don’t let the traditional block sizes of parquet stifle your creativity when creating your dream floors. Create something original with our wider Giant parquet blocks; consider brushing your blocks for a raised, richer grain or perhaps alternate light and dark colours for a more striking effect.

Keep in mind that parquetry add a pattern to your flooring; therefore in smaller rooms, this will make the space feel smaller. In order to avoid complicated and busy look make sure to furnish with a minimal style. Generally parquetry works better in spacious and larger areas where as furnitures and interior is not the main focus of the space and they blend well with the parquetry’s pattern.

For lightly painted walls, darker tone Herringbone flooring such as Onyx Pearl, can build a beautiful contrast for the space. The darker shades are best suited to larger rooms such as lounges and hallways where they can make a grand statement.

Our pale finishes such as Dove Grey and Pearl Grey are great for creating a soft and washed feel in smaller or darker spaces. For neutral finish parquetry flooring, they are ideal for bold furniture and statement colour interior designs.


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