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Narrow vs Wide Timber Flooring

Engineered Flooring
Posted on
March 25, 2022
by Admin

Amongst the huge range width of the timber flooring board is mostly a design feature when it comes to your space’s interior. When making srs DCJHS

ailable in Timber fuch a decision, factolooring, boards width is also anotheof designs, colours and composition averence.The r consalso the cost of flooring matter.

Space Size and Layout

ideration when deciding on DFOKWandard plank width, you can go for a narrow plank or wide plank, depending on your preference.

The width of the timber flooring board is mostly a design feature when it comes to NLKC BAKSNClxsuch ayour space’s interior. When making such a decision, factors DCJDs the size of the room, the layout of the space and

th is not selected for the designated space; this might make the room look more restricted; either too small or without interior balance in bigger areas.

Small Spaces

For small spaces, wide planks with lighter colour tones are highly recommended. The wider width will visually create a spacious ambience for the interior and lighter

al settings and space; traditionally. However, this is not a trend in modern interior brain-storming, its only worth considering if you’re going for a mor

Depending on the size and shape of th

Just keep in mind if the right wid

For larger spaces; you have the freedom to select either wide or narrow floor boards. Narrow boards have been laid in formWide floor boards are more expensive due to their

e room you are planning to lay the planks; your flooring width XHCSKLJFDQUDOIQEYFWGVKDBVmight be affected.

Different room widths can give off different visual effects. At the end of the day it comes to personal preferences in regards to your interior design.

e authentic and traditional outlook for your project.

A smart tactic with biger spaces is to actually mix both wide and narrow floor boards together on the same floor. This adds more character to the room and provides depth and texture to the interior design as a one image.

timber flooring also gives a open-space feeling to the foot traffic.

If you like your flooring to be the main attraction in your designated area, Wider planks can do the job in becoming the feature element of the room and also wider planks highlight the timber floors natural grains and colours; which will draw more attention to itself when guests walk in.

Large Spaces

width, higher wastage in mzcsdvadhvadkfjhvalksdfhvlsfJVLFjvlsdfBLcturers which reflect into final product price point.


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