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Melbourne Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Design & Idea
Posted on
March 25, 2022
by Admin

Bathrooms might be the smallest room in your home; but when it comes to choosing the right flooring for, it can raise a lot of questions.

The bathroom flooring is quite important what flooring material you will be laying in the bathroom, Not only it has to provide for a lot of foot traffic, it also needs to be slip resistant, water proof and easy to maintain and looked after and also compatible with under-floor heating systems.

Laminate and luxury vinyl floorings are new trend flooring solutions for bathrooms with variety of width and colour. Before deciding on your bathroom floor, there are few notes you should take into consideration prior your last call.

If you are looking to make a bold statement for your bathrooms; keep it slip resistant and easy to maintain, choosing Vinyl flooring is the best possible option with the benefit of compatibility with under-floor heating systems. They can replace the idea of having tiles but with the benefit of vanishing the cold feet feeling.

Vinyl flooring has variety in their finishing, it can have a touch of hardwood flooring or an image of tile or marble on to lift the look of your bathrooms. Although Laminate floorings are mostly available in Wood finishes and you can still have a water resistant flooring with a touch of timber looking finish.

We are speaking of bathroom flooring, water dramas and splashes are normal to be expected. in this case Vinyl would be first choice and then followed by laminate if you give extra care removing water accidents straight away.

When it comes to the installation of both Vinyl and Laminate floorings, as long as the sub-floor levelling is perfect, laying either Laminate or Vinyl should is one of the easiest installation process among alternative floorings.

Since the installation technique is floating system; having underlay is a must.

Final Call

It is up your personal preferences to decide what material you should be selecting for your bathrooms.

Bathroom flooring – Laminate:

Laminates are environmentally friendly due to their composition of being made out of recycled wood pulps; however luxury Vinyl floorboards might not have the green credentials, with their PVC-based material you can expect a long-term durability and longer warranty.

Bathroom flooring – Luxury Vinyl:

Luxury Vinyl floorings are water proof and they are more considered for wet areas due to this character. Although if you are interested in Laminate flooring you need to take extra care of the boards by mopping any spills before it cause any damages.

Laminate flooring are water-resistant and that still makes them compatible flooring choice for bathrooms. Whichever option you choose, you can be confident that both will stand up to family life while also providing a stylish floor for your bathroom.


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