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Engineered Hardwood vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Flooring
Posted on
March 25, 2022
by Admin

Solid hardwood is a solid piece of flooring made by hardwood, all the way through and through. Engineered, however, is made by a thinner layer of hardwood on top (mostly Oak, with thickness of 2, 3, 4 and 6 mm) and underneath there are several layers of other different woods in which the grains are attached with a 90 degree angle together and crisscrossing all the way through, glued and compressed very tightly. This makes engineered floors not shrink or expand due to humidity or change of temperature. In hardwood flooring, however, the temperature change may make a gap between the timbers.

Another reason being for choosing engineered is you can have wider planks (up to 220 mm) whereas in hardwood timber (maximum 110 mm) you don’t have this opportunity. Further, engineered flooring is more eco-friendly compared to hardwood timber as just a thin layer of tree is being used to produce them.

In terms of scratched, engineered and hardwood floorings are the exact same as both of them are real wood. Some people think they can sand and polish hardwood timber as many times as they want, but it’s not like that. Hardwood timbers are nailed down into the tonguing root, so you can only sand and polish them as far as that interface (around 3 mm) which is the same with engineered!

More importantly, hardwood flooring costs more than engineered (around 40%) and you can save your money to change the timber after couple of years as new models and styles are coming every year.

Taking everything into consideration, there is almost no benefit of using hardwood over engineered. With engineered, however, you’re gonna have more option which mentioned above.

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